Promaton® Apox

Promaton® is creating superior AI-driven image analysis and diagnostic aid for the dental imaging market. With the Promaton® Apox platform any Panoramic x-ray, Periapical or Bitewing x-ray can be turned into clinical insights.


Currently the AI can identify most dental structures. The first version will be clinically evaluated and market ready by Q1 2020, supporting panoramic x-rays. The advanced algorithms will be highly accurate, making sure nothing is missed, and removing the burden of manual filing, saving up to 50% of reporting time.

Later on in 2020, we will extend the automated detection to pathologies and other image modalities. Ultimately, Promaton® Apox will allow the dental professional reducing the diagnostic error rate and standardizing his pathology detection.

Promaton® Apox is offered through an API and integrates easily into your existing dental software system.

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