revolutionizing dentistry through artificial intelligence

A world where

oral health care is driven

by intelligent technology

At Promaton, we are on this mission to transform dentistry.

We aim to become the AI leader in the dental imaging industry.


Promaton brings powerfully simple solutions to complex diagnosis and treatment planning

All integrable in existing dental software via our API

(Medical device CE certification & FDA approval pending)


Automatic segmentation
of anatomical structures

in both 2D and 3D image data

Automatic classification of

anatomical structures 

in both 2D and 3D image data

Automatic classification of diseases

of common dental pathologies in all 2D data types

Automatic enhancement
by noise reduction and metal artifact reduction 
in 3D image data

Automatic multi data alignment
of all 2D and 3D image data

Automatic reporting and chart filing for practise management software


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